Charles Kapsner


Charles G. Kapsner (b.1952), began his studies at the Universita Internazionale dell’ Arte in Florence, Italy. It was through the study of traditional art there that Kapsner learned how to use the compositional tools of the Renaissance and Baroque periods to express himself as an artist. Highly skilled in charcoal, graphite and oil, Kapsner creates portraits, still-lifes, landscapes and frescoes, which unite exemplary draughtsmanship and painting techniques. His signature still-lifes integrate telltale accoutrements of our fleeting existence.

Kapsner uses imagery, fusing the old and new wine bottles, drapery, mirrors, fruits, and flowers to draw the viewer to the fullest possible appreciation of the beauty of the adornments of daily life while pondering the possibilities that lie ahead. Kapsner’s intricately balanced, richly colored compositions grounded in the principles of the Renaissance are clearly reflective of our time.