Zoe Hadley

Zoe Hadley comes by her artistic talent quite naturally. She follows in the path of her grandmother, Zoe Gibbons, a late blooming California oil painter (d. 1960), and her mother, Zoe Smith, a portrait artist and well loved teacher of art in Southern California (d.1992). "Art" was spoken and clearly practiced in her home growing up. This legacy spawned a rich background for her own artistic journey.

After raising a family, and having a fulfilling career, Zoe decided to go back to school and pursue her first love - painting. She sought classes and workshops with such fine teachers as Mark Daily, Kevin MacPherson, and Michael Workman. Then she enrolled in Extention Studies at Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California. Zoe's technique is painterly, and her own personal style incorporates the play of patterns and design with subtle color palette.

"I have watched Zoe's work evolve for a long time. I have watched her technical skills with drawing and color and all the rest improve from year to year. The most wondrous thing about her paintings, however, is that they are a reflection of her soul. When you look at one of Zoe's paintings you feel as if you are seeing the world through her unique eyes and that she is communicating a truth and a beauty that simply cannot be put into words. That is Art." - Scott Burdick

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